South Ga. Medical Center accepting appointments for COVID-19 vaccine drive-thru

SGMC begins accepting appointments for COVID vaccination drive-thru

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Opening appointments Monday to volunteers and a few others, South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) began testing its COVID-19 drive-thru vaccination system.

They wanted to test the system first, before opening it up to everyone.

SGMC vaccine drive-thru
SGMC vaccine drive-thru (Source: WALB)

“It’s a personal choice, but it’s the right choice,” said Scarlett Rivera, the director of quality and infection prevention.

“We encourage the public, it’s part of history, we’re making history right now. This is history in the making,” said Sylvia Uddyback, the employee health coordinator.

SGMC’s design was initially planned to administer the flu vaccine about a year ago, according to hospital officials.

“We are very excited, we also received our first booster shots today, our second dose. So, it’s a really great day for us as employees but also nurses and also for our community,” said Rivera.

Rivera and Uddyback with SGMC said they feel confident in this vaccine and are happy to be able to give it to others.

The hospital is administering the Pfizer vaccine.

SGMC currently has over 2,000 vaccines ready for those eligible.

Phase 1a includes healthcare workers, first responders, people 65 and over and their caregivers.

The hospital plans to accept about 150 people a day.

“We’ve seen the effects that it can have on it and it feels so good to have the family protected,” said Jenna Bolling, a recovered COVID-19 patient.

Bolling’s father was amongst the first to get the vaccine.

Bolling teaches at Lanier Elementary School and battled COVID-19. She spent nearly two months in critical condition.

She said she’s glad her loved ones are one step closer to protection.

The link to sign up for the vaccine will be open to those eligible starting Monday on SGMC’s website.

They’ll start giving shots Wednesday.

They are also working to set up a phone line for appointments.

SGMC vaccine drive-thru
SGMC vaccine drive-thru (Source: WALB)

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