Paramedics help Lee Co. man minutes after voting

Paramedics help Lee Co man recovering from triple bypass surgery minutes after voting

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - One Lee County man said he is thankful for first responders and the help of volunteers just minutes after he left the polls on Election Day.

David Spencer, 75, is a lifelong resident of Southwest Georgia and said he hasn’t voted enough in his lifetime.

He said “not enough” and chuckled.

On Election Day, Spencer simply got out to vote at Precinct 9 at the Century Fire Station in Leesburg, but after he voted, he had a lot of trouble getting into his truck and almost didn’t make it.

“Couldn’t get in my truck, I just physically couldn’t. I’d had to sit outside my truck I was so weak. I’d (almost) had to call 911,” explained Spencer.

Luckily, Kelly Moore, the precinct manager, who is also a Phoebe nurse, was notified about Spencer and immediately found some help.

Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore (Source: WALB)

“He’s a dear man and he deserves to be taken care of and I was just really concerned about him,” said Moore.

Capt. Allen McDonald and Capt. Ricky Thompson, who were two of the three first responders, said they didn’t think twice when they sprung into action.

“We went out there and we gloved up, masked up and just went out there and helped. It’s kinda natural instinct for us,” said McDonald.

Capt. Allen McDonald
Capt. Allen McDonald (Source: WALB)

“With all the negativity in the world going on right now, it’s always nice to do something positive or helpful for somebody especially if it’s a citizen of the county you work in,” said Thompson.

Within a minute or two, Spencer was in his truck thanks to firefighters who we just doing their job.

“It’s nice to get recognized you know,” said Capt. McDonald.

David has a few health conditions and is recovering from a triple bypass surgery. However, that wasn’t going to stop him now or in the future from voting and thanking the men and women who helped possibly save his life.

He wants those who helped him to hear his appreciation.

“Thank you and I appreciate your help,” said Spencer.

David said he would have voted by absentee ballot but missed the deadline.

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