Albany’s ‘Clean Sweeps Initiative’ aims for litter-free streets

City's Clean Sweeps Initiative Aims for Litter Free Streets

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -Albany’s Operation Clean Sweep launched in Ward 1 on Thursday.

The initiative aims to clean up the community and combat a growing litter issue, but the results could also mean a better quality of life for families and businesses in the Good Life City.

City of Albany clean sweeps..
City of Albany clean sweeps..

“Litter is a huge problem here in town as well as in any town you visit,” said Stacey Rowe with the city.

Rowe says trash and illegal dumping are major issues in Albany.

It’s a battle they’ve been fighting for years, alongside organizations like Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.

“If we can get everybody to adopt the block that they live in and keep it litter-free, we can see a tremendous difference in the appearance of our community. And we all know that how we look as a community is a reflection of every one of us that live here,” said Judy Bowles, executive directive of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.

Bowles says problems with litter and illegal dumpsites were on the decline, but now a resurgence is underway.

She credits the increase partially to the pandemic and the increase in the time people spend at home.

Rowe says disposing of unwanted items the wrong way creates a ripple effect in the community.

“It can affect the people’s value of their homes. It affects the quality of life. Whenever you have litter and trash laying everywhere it just affects the look of it, it affects your property value, compared to if you come to a neighborhood and it’s kept nice. There is no litter. It makes property value go up and it makes the neighborhood itself have a whole different level of pride,” said Rowe.

City officials want everyone to think twice before throwing trash out. Let’s work together to keep the city and county clean and beautiful.

City of Albany clean sweeps..
City of Albany clean sweeps..

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