Lee Co. Schools fighting to keep school in session

Lee Co. Schools fighting to keep school in session

LEESBURG. (WALB) - Lee County Schools announced they will start classes virtually on Monday. We’ve been told it’s because of rising coronavirus numbers.

Assistant superintendent, Kevin Dowling, says they’ve been monitoring staff and students for the virus.

He says they rely on parents for updates.

Dowling says parents have been reporting to them, but he isn’t sure if everybody is getting the information.

Dowling says high school students make up the majority of the cases but younger students have also had cases.

Dowling says remote learning has been a burden for everybody but they’re fighting to stay in school.

“Whether that’s remote, which is not ideal, but at least we’re able to do something. Whether it’s in-person which is what we want. We’re going to fight very hard to have school for our kids and our community,” said Dowling

He believes holiday breaks may have played a factor in the recent spike.

Dowling acknowledged that it’s tough to have school when you see a spike like that.

They anticipate returning to in-person learning on January 19.

The school system said they will have more details at the end of the week.

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