Officials: Voter investigation active in Worth Co.

Investigation looking into single voter

Officials: Voter investigation active in Worth Co.

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - Worth County Board of Elections said the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office is conducting an investigation in their county.

The investigation is going on in Worth County with limited details released.

Worth County Election officials said the investigation was started by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.

“It’s something they caught and because it is still under investigation I can’t tell you anything about it,” Hugh Donnan, board of elections chairman, said.

Donnan said it is an individual voter that is under investigation, not the board of elections in Worth County.

“No, we are not under investigation,” he said of the investigation. “This one person here in Worth County.”

The chairman said there are steps and training in place to catch suspicious activity during elections.

“On our end of it, we can catch a lot things, like on the absentee ballots,” Donnan said. “We have to check every signature and we all took a class at a conference with the FBI on how to compare signatures.”

Hugh Donnan, Worth County board of elections chairman.
Hugh Donnan, Worth County board of elections chairman. (Source: WALB)

Donnan said he wants voters to have peace of mind when they vote in Worth County because a fraudulent signature isn’t getting far in their office.

“If somebody else signed it or something like that, we would catch it here in the office,” he added.

WALB was told limited information can be released right now.

The Georgia Secretary of Stare’s Office said the same WALB reached out Monday night.

They responded Tuesday afternoon and said they will check to see if there is an investigation and if there is, they cannot release any details until the findings are presented to the state election board.

This as the Senate Runoff election wraps up Tuesday night.

Over 8,000 voters have cast their ballot in Worth County for the Senate runoff elections.

Currently, there are just over 14,000 active registered voters in the county.

Almost 60 percent of those voters came out for the runoff elections. Over 3,000 people came out Election Day to vote.

Officials said Election Day went well, except for a few hiccups with machines.

Officials said it was fixed quickly and voter security and wait times were not impacted.

“The security of our voting here in Worth County is very good,” Donnan said. “Absentee ballots, people keep talking about those, we go through and check every signature on the back of these ballots before we cut them.”

All precincts were open except one.

Officials said the smaller precinct didn’t meet COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Donnan said the longest wait time he’s aware of is about 10 minutes for a person to vote.

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