Wealthy voters are ‘mythical middle’ in Georgia Senate races

Wealthy voters are ‘mythical middle’ in Georgia Senate races
Incumbent Republican Senators David Perdue, top left, and Kelly Loeffler, bottom left, are looking to keep their seats against Democrat challengers Jon Ossoff, top right, and Raphael Warnock, bottom right, in the Georgia January election runoffs. (Source: Gray Television)

ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia’s most affluent voters could hold the balance in the state’s twin U.S. Senate runoffs on Jan. 5.

In November’s general election, Republican U.S. Sen. David Perdue ran appreciably ahead of fellow Republican Donald Trump, with Perdue’s lead strongest in wealthier urban and suburban precincts.

That suggests some voters who historically identified as Republicans rejected Trump but stuck with other GOP candidates.

Now those voters must decide whether they’re sticking with Perdue and fellow Republican Kelly Loeffler, or whether they will be swayed by Democrat Joe Biden’s calls to elect Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to give him a chance to govern.

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