Downtown Warwick gets Christmas decorations for the first time ever

Downtown Warwick gets Christmas decorations for the first time ever

WARWICK, Ga. (WALB) -Downtown Warwick is decked out with Christmas decorations right now for the first time ever.

“It just fills me with joy,” Mayor Juanita Kinchen said. “I do love the nativity set and the angels out at the gazebo and the trees look so good too.”

What makes this unique is, it’s the first time ever.

“This is new here, what you see on the streets here on Warwick has never been before.”

This all happened thanks to monetary donations and some trees donated by the City of Warwick.

Mayor Juanita Kinchen
Mayor Juanita Kinchen (Source: WALB)

“This is the first time Warwick ever been decorated since I’ve been here, and I’ve been born here since 1952,″ said Kinchen.

Mayor Kinchen said financial restraints of the past made it hard to get any kind of decorations for downtown.

But it was the generosity of the people from Warwick who donated a whopping $1,700 to make this all possible.

“One lady said, ‘Well, I wanna remain anonymous.’ She donated a whole lot of stuff too,” she added.

Mayor Kinchen said this will be all up next year and hopefully even bigger than the display you can see now.

She said this was really needed after 2020.

“This year has been a year for all of us,” she added.

You still have some time to see this display yourself, but it all starts coming down next week.

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