Business owner displays new butterfly mural on Albany building

Businesses to Rent Out Butterfly Mural Building

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -Have you driven on Westover Blvd. lately? Well, there’s a new painting of butterflies on a building!

Local business owner Milan Patel bought a building on Dawson Road and Westover with plans for businesses to move in soon.

As part of the purchase, he’s also giving the building a unique coat of paint.

Patel and other business owners plan to run four businesses in this building.

“It’s going to be four businesses, starting from the back to coming back this way. It’s going to be an IV Infusion Clinic, they’re going to offer auxiliary services, there’s going to be a bakery in the middle, there’s a young women’s boutique, and then an alcohol retail store,” said Patel

Patel said the building is meant for commerce so he wants all the businesses to be successful.

He also mentioned why he bought this building.

“We bought in 2015 and tore it down quickly, closed down the building. Didn’t look good in a community. So it was a very expensive piece of grass for a few years and we finally decided that we would develop it into a project,” said Patel.

There's a huge butterfly painting on a building!
There's a huge butterfly painting on a building! (Source: WALB)

Patel says his favorite Disney character’s Winnie the Pooh and Piglet were the inspiration for the mural, along with the message “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”.

For Patel, the quote has a special meaning.

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