Dougherty Co. EMS sees increase in COVID-19 calls

Dougherty Co. EMS sees increase in COVID-19 calls

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dougherty County paramedics said they’ve been responding to more COVID-19 calls.

This comes as cases across the Peach State continue to rise.

EMS Director Sam Allen said they transported 25 COVID-19 positive patients just this past week. He said the last time they transported that many in one week was right after the 4th of July.

Sam Allen
Sam Allen (Source: WALB)

Allen said they’re seeing a lot more patients with symptoms who don’t know they’re COVID-19 positive until they get to the hospital.

“We’re almost at where we were back in April when we were transporting 27 COVID patients in one week. So, we’ve definitely seen an increase. Now we’ve got Christmas, we’ve got New Year’s on top of Thanksgiving. So it’s just a mix that is spreading the virus rampaging through our community,” said Allen.

You can help first responders when they arrive on-site to treat patients.

Allen said to move the patient closer to the home’s entrance or meet paramedics at the front door if possible.

You should also limit the number of people in the room where paramedics are treating the patient.

Allen said the less paramedics are in your home and in contact with others, the less likely COVID-19 is to spread throughout the community.

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