Christmas came early for Dougherty County Jail inmates

Christmas came early for Dougherty County Jail inmates
The Home Wav set up at the Dougherty County Jail. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The jail now allows inmates to see their loved ones virtually after in-person visits were cut off in March due to the pandemic.

The video visitation system is called Home Wav.

You have to download the app to participate.

Like any face-to-face visit in the past, visitors get 15 minutes each time.

Inmates are allowed three visits per week and it costs $0.30 per minute.

”The last time I checked, we had five visits actually carried out. There has been almost 170 invitations, but then the visitor has to download the app ans then they use that app to carry out the visit. Close to 50 people have downloaded the app so far, so we really think that this has taken off so far,” said Chief Jailer John Ostrander.

Ostrander also said the timing was perfect for the holidays. He believes they’ll continue to use this method when the pandemic ends.

Inmates will also still get a special meal for the holidays.

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