Veterinarians: Don’t rush to adopt pets for the holidays

Don’t rush to adopt pets for the holidays, vets say

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Many of you may be doing some last-minute Christmas shopping and veterinarians are asking you to not have a puppy or kitten on that last-minute list this year.

“You don’t buy on an impulse,” said Trey Newell, a veterinarian with Westover Animal Hospital.

He and other vets said you should do your research on dog and cat breeds and find out what’s best for your family. They don’t recommend you bring one home as a surprise for your kids, partner or even senior citizens because that animal might not be the right fit and could end up in a shelter.

”Couple months after the holiday season then you start seeing the shelters become overrun with animals,” said Amber Love with Bush Animal Clinic.

However, if you are getting a pet for the holidays, make sure all of the proper shots and examinations are taken care of, things you can talk about with a veterinarian or pet care provider.

Some pets can carry the coronavirus, but vets said that shouldn’t stop you from adopting this year.

“I wouldn’t let them lick me in the face or do anything of that nature, but I don’t feel like that’s gonna be anything that should stop you from getting an animal,” said Love.

Newell agrees that the coronavirus shouldn’t stop you from adopting your forever pet.

You should also give Santa a heads up before he drops off presents.

Veterinarians said no rope toys because when the rope unravels, it can cause havoc in your animal’s intestinal system.

“That’s one of the most common things we’ll see after Christmas,” explained Love.

Vets don’t recommend toys with squeakers or rawhides because dogs, especially big dogs, can swallow that squeaker or chunks of the rawhide.

“Rawhide sometimes, if you have a big dog that chews big chunks, it doesn’t dissolve very fast,” said Newell.

Also, vets also recommend that you toss out a toy once it’s torn up so your dog or cat won’t eat the stuffing.

They also suggest Kong pet toys and tennis balls that are size appropriate for your furry friends.

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