VPD arrests man for killing dog, disorderly conduct

VPD arrests man for killing dog, disorderly conduct

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) -A man faces charges after police say he shot and killed a dog.

Neighbors tell us the man’s roommate was watching the dog while his neighbor was away. They also say the owner is not aware of what happened, he should be arriving home on Sunday.

Man shot dog in Valdosta.
Man shot dog in Valdosta. (Source: WALB)

They say the dog was a white American bulldog, a puppy named Bella.

They were shocked and sad to hear what happened.

Valdosta Police say they received a 911 call last night in the 400 block of East College Street.

The caller told 911 dispatch that a man, later identified as Eric Smith, shot and killed a dog. Officers searched the area in an attempt to find the dog, according to VPD.

Smith came outside of a home and became confrontational to the officer, police said.

Police said he continued to cause a disturbance even after he was told multiple times to return to his home.

Smith was detained and later arrested for disorderly conduct. As officers continued to investigate, they were able to find the dog and confirmed it was deceased.

Neighbors says they didn’t want to go on camera for safety concerns, but tell me they were watching TV when they heard a gunshot.

They tell me they’ve heard Smith make verbal threats towards the dog.

Josh Reagan who lives in the area tells me he’s heartbroken.

”I feel like it’s something that shouldn’t happen to anybody or any dog or any animal period... doesn’t matter if you’re white or black, we all have the same things.. intentions.. desires and frustration.. no need to take it out on an animal. Poor old animal man,” said Reagan.

He says Smith’s roommate did not have a phone and had to go to another neighbor’s house to call police and report what happened.

He says the dog was beautiful and really feels for the owner.

Police said multiple witnesses came forward and provided officers with detailed statements.

Smith was taken to Lowndes County Jail and charged with felony cruelty to animals and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

“We would like to thank the citizens that came forward and assisted our officers in solving this senseless crime,” said VPD Lt. Scottie Johns.

Man shot dog in Valdosta.
Man shot dog in Valdosta. (Source: WALB)

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