Georgia Supreme Court: Convicted Valdosta killer to stay in prison

Georgia Supreme Court: Convicted Valdosta killer to stay in prison
The high court said the trial court handled the case correctly, and the Docicien's rights were not violated. (Source: Lowndes Co. Sheriff)

ATLANTA, Ga. (WALB) - The Georgia Supreme Court has turned down an appeal from a man who was convicted by a Lowndes County jury for killing an unarmed man.

Jean Claude Doricien, 31, was arrested in October 2017 after he was seen running from the scene at the Ora Lee West Housing Authority complex by Valdosta City cameras. Court documents show that Doricien shot Tovara Flowers, 39, five times in the back. Doricien was arrested with the murder weapon.

Detectives allowed him to use a cell phone to call his girlfriend in the patrol car and heard him telling her that he shot the victim after he had his marijuana stolen from him, according to court documents.

In November 2018, Doricien was found guilty on all counts and was sentenced to life in prison for felony murder, five years consecutive for possession of a firearm and twelve months for the misdemeanor possession charge.

Doricien argued that he had not yet been read his Miranda rights and that the admission was not fair game at trial, but the court ruled that it was a spontaneous utterance, and the officers had not begun to question him yet.

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