South Health District receives vaccines and begins administering

South Health District receives vaccines and begins administering

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) -The COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Lowndes County. On Friday morning, the district’s health director was the first one to get it.

Dr. William Grow was very excited, he says his life had been put on hold.

He says the vaccine will pave the way back to normalcy.

“I do not want to get it if I can avoid getting it. My wife and I have basically gone to work and then gone home and have put life pretty much on hold. Not been with family, not been with friends, haven’t been to church, and don’t go out to eat. Don’t go to movies, and actually did my shopping online as much as possible,” said Dr. Grow,

The South Health District just got their first batch of vaccines. They got 40 doses, and all were used on Friday.

Dr. Grow volunteered to be first and he fell under category A.

He tells us for the last 10 months, he’s tried to stay away from places because the possibility to catch COVID was higher.

”It’s everywhere right now, the positivity rate has gone up from 5 percent to 18 percent, the number of cases in this country is a surge on top of a surge,” said Dr. Grow.

Before receiving the vaccine, Dr. Grow had to watch an informational video about it.

After he went on to the next step, he had to answer a few health questions. Then it happened.

He is the first to get vaccinated in Lowndes County by the health department.

After the shot, he was watched for a few minutes and registered on the VSAFE app. That allows patients to report side effects to the CDC.

Dr. Grow says he never had any doubts about the vaccine.

“Your fear is unwarranted, the risk of getting sick and or getting the disease far exceeds the risk of having a problem with the vaccine. Vaccines are the reason we no longer see smallpox which killed millions and millions,” said Dr. Grow.

Dr. Grow says those who already had COVID, should still get the vaccine.

There are documented cases of no immunity.

Now vaccinated, Dr. Grow says he still plans to continue to follow the safety guidelines until he sees the case rates drop dramatically.

“Life has just been put on hold and we want to get that under control and in my opinion, we are going to get that through vaccines and hopefully the day will come that enough people get vaccinated that we can let these things go. You know, it’s become part of me. It’s my wardrobe, like a T-shirt.”

Those that got the vaccine, the health department still says to keep wearing a mask, social distance, and wash hands frequently until numbers really begin to decrease.

DPH First Vaccine in Valdosta
DPH First Vaccine in Valdosta (Source: WALB)

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