Crisp County Head Football Coach says ‘This game right here is for all the marbles’

Crisp County Head Football Coach says ‘This game right here is for all the marbles’
Crisp County Cougars (Source: WALB)

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - The Crisp County Cougars are in pursuit of the program’s first-ever state championship.

In back-to-back seasons the Cougars are in the semi-finals ready to take down another team en route to Atlanta for the title game.

Head Coach Brad Harber said, “This game right here is for all the marbles to go play for what you really want.”

Senior linebacker, Cortez Thomas added: “We had the chance last year, but you know, we lost it. But we at it now, we’re seniors and we want it bad.”

Senior left tackle Courtney Griffin stated, “Our offensive line, we gotta play hard all day every day that’s the key to our offense. As long as our offensive line does what we need to do then our running back can do what he needs to do.”

In the quarterfinals game, Crisp County had two fumbles.

Friday night, going against a high flying offense in Pierce County... Coach Brad Harber says the team can’t afford those same mistakes.

“We can’t hurt ourselves nor can we give turnovers away, free possessions, extra possessions for the other team,” said Harber.

“So this year if we get down, we gotta keep our heads up and keep playing, the game ain’t over,” added Griffin.

For the first time in program history, the Cougars have the chance to play for the title in consecutive seasons.

“I ain’t ever been able to do something big, so this is our chance, we got unfinished business to do,” Griffin claimed.

The Cougars, who haven’t lost a road game yet, will once again load buses to take on the Bears in the final four.

And Coach Harber is always ready for a few more postseason weeks with the team.

“We’re just going to keep on working and hopefully we get a win on Friday and go one more week,” said Harber.

The Cougars look to return to Cordele with one more W under their belt.

Kick-off is set for Friday at 7 p.m...

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