Wheelchair repaired by veteran goes to Dawson man

Wheelchair repaired by veteran goes to Dawson man

DAWSON, Ga. (WALB) - A 53-year-old Dawson man who is disabled is wheeling around his home with more freedom after receiving the gift of a lifetime.

Thomas Miles Sr., an Albany Navy veteran, was on a quest to give away a free wheelchair after he fixed it up.

That free chair found a new owner less than 24 hours after our story ran last week.

That new owner is Gregory Benjamin who lost some of his voice after a shooting some time ago. He also lost part of his right leg due to an ulcer.

Gregory Benjamin
Gregory Benjamin (Source: WALB)

Benjamin said he and Miles have become close after connecting over the wheelchair.

“He called me every day. We talk on the phone every day. I told him I thank him very, very much. He don’t know how I appreciate this chair,” said Benjamin.

Benjamin was given the chair by church members.

It was the surprise of a lifetime gifted to him on Thanksgiving Day.

Benjamin said the chair now gives him more freedom to move around his home with less assistance.

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