Don’t click on that offer that seems too good to be true

Don’t click on that offer that seems too good to be true
Better Business Bureau Scam Alert (Source: wmbf)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - ’Tis the season for giving but if the giving sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Many are shopping online right now for Black Friday deals to avoid crowds because of the pandemic. Before you click on that link that seems to be harmless, the BBB says there are some scams out there you need to be aware of.

Bad actors are sending scams via email, social media, even in text message to your phone. If you are an Amazon shopper, the Better Business Bureau says be aware of this scam going around.

”You get a text message that says thank you for being a loyal shopper or Amazon congratulates you here is a free MacBook pro just click on this link for more details. And of course this is definitely a scam,” Reanna Smith-Hamblin, with the BBB, said.

Smith-Hamblin said the Amazon scam and scammers even made it personal by putting her name in the text.

“What they will want is personal information. Do not give it to them,” Smith-Hamblin said.

With all that online shopping, when your purchase comes to you, be careful of the text messages that follow.

“Chances of a scam artist sending you a text from ‘UPS’ and you having a recent delivery are pretty high these days,” Smith-Hamblin said. “So this fake UPS text asks you answer five questions about your delivery. Don’t do it. One local consumer actually did receive this text message. They were offered a free iPad if they answered the questions,” Smith-Hamblin said. “You are going to go in, click the link, answer the questions and then you are asked to pay $19.63 for shipping of this iPad. They ask for your debit card number or credit card number. Once you give that info to them you are done.”

You will not get that iPad and they’ve got your financial information. When you are online shopping, avoid using a debit card that comes straight out of your checking account because scam artist can deplete your account. Your best bet is to use a credit card and if you due fall victim to scam, you have a better chance disputing the charges.

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