Thomasville launches blog series with insight on budget process

Updated: Nov. 24, 2020 at 3:18 PM EST
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - The City of Thomasville is focused on the 2021 operational budget and wants the community involved.

For the first time, the city started a budget blog series and in it, topics are covered to be transparent with the community. This is so they can understand what’s being discussed throughout the budget process.

Starting in July, the operational budget process includes the city council and staff working together.

Public Outreach Manager Sherri Nix said they work throughout the rest of the year to find out needs in the city, and hear from citizens before the public meetings on the budget begin.

This year’s budget blog series will help let the community know what all goes into the planning process.

City launches blog series with insight on budget process
City launches blog series with insight on budget process(Source: WALB)

“Because we’re not able to get out and be out in the public like we are in normal years, we thought that this would be a really great way that we could communicate that information with our citizens,” said Nix.

This six-month long process will include details about finance not everyone may understand.

The blog series provides an explanation and a deeper dive into multiple things.

Beginning with a general outline about the city budget and what it entails, the next episodes provide an even closer look into things like reserves and utilities.

Sherri Nix, Public Outreach Manager
Sherri Nix, Public Outreach Manager(Source: WALB)

“We also did a post on capital improvements projects, like what is that? What’s involved in that, what kind of processes are involved? We explained sort of like the lifetime of city projects and how that has an effect on our budget as well,” said Nix.

The city will hold public meetings including a presentation of the proposed budget on Dec. 7, city council workshop on Dec. 9 and a city council meeting on Dec. 14.

“We’re really encouraging our citizens to participate. We want our citizens to feel like they have a voice,” said Nix.

The proposed budget will also be posted on Nov. 30, so it can be read before the public meeting.

For more information on the blog series, click here.

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