Dougherty Co. police investigate scams, provide tips heading into holidays

Dougherty Co. police investigate scams & provide tips heading into holidays

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The holidays are around the corner and that means shopping and scammers.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” said Sgt. Ted Wertz with the Dougherty County Police Department (DCP).

Police said they get a few reports of scams a week but have holiday scammers started their reindeer games yet?

“We haven’t seen an uptick, we get a steady supply of them,” Wertz told WALB News 10.

Most of the scams DCP sees are by phone.

“Your social security number is suspended, there’s a warrant out for your arrest. Just about anything and they’ll ask you to send money,” said Sgt. Wertz.

Keep in mind, Sgt. Wertz said most government agencies will send you a letter or a registered letter by mail. He also said that if someone is asking for money from you so you can claim money or receive a prize, it’s probably too good to be true.

“Be very careful before you give any kind of information out over the phone,” said Wertz.

Wertz said Dougherty County police are investigating several scams at the moment.

Sgt. Wertz said the problem with tracking the scammers and bringing them to justice is finding them. He said typically, they are out of state or even the country and using electronics that make it hard to trace them.

“Because it’s so anonymously done that we can’t track it. We don’t have the ability to track it,” said Wertz.

As Sgt. Wertz and his team investigate these scams, there are ways you can combat scammers.

He said safeguard your credit and debit cards and most importantly, your PIN number.

But does he expect a rise in scams as so many of us plan to shop online instead of stores during this holiday season in the middle of a pandemic?

“I don’t know. This is such an odd year,” said Wertz.

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