‘I don’t know whether I was scared or not’: Salvation Army volunteer stops donation bucket theft

‘I don’t know whether I was scared or not’: Salvation Army volunteer stops donation bucket theft

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A hero is not how one Salvation Army volunteer would describe himself, however, after he “dangled” from a moving truck to get his donation bucket back from crooks, some might be calling him that.

That volunteer was Larry Adams, 65, who has been a volunteer for two years with the Salvation Army.

A typical shift for him involves ringing the classic bell we all know and greeting dozens if not hundreds a day at the Albany Mall.

Salvation Army bucket.
Salvation Army bucket. (Source: WALB)

On Saturday, one not so nice but naughty crook tried to take his donation bucket and Adams wasn’t having it.

“All of a sudden, I just got up and you know, I couldn’t catch them,” said Adams.

The crooks tried to get away in an older, possibly white, Chevrolet truck, but they underestimated Larry. He said he leaped through the driver-side window as the crooks started to drive away.

An eyewitness said Adams was “dangling” from the vehicle.

“So, the only thing I could do is grab the steering wheel, you know, we went down the road, you know, I was pulling the steering wheel and, you know, he stopped and gave me my bucket back,” said Larry.

The thieves then drove away and left the scene.

According to the police report, a woman snatched the bucket and ran to a man driving the truck.

The Albany Police Department said it is still investigating the case but no other details were released.

Adams said he’s never experienced anything like that before and that short ride shook him up, but luckily he had no injuries.

“I wasn’t really thinking. I don’t know whether I was scared or not, you know,” said Adams.

The only thing on his mind was saving that bucket.

“That bucket, you know, it means a lot to me, and the money that’s in it means a lot to someone else,” said Adams.

Adams said he finished out his shift that day at the Albany Mall and hasn’t missed a beat since.

“Would you do it again?” WALB News 10′s Bobby Poitevint asked Larry.

Larry gave a sharp chuckle and replied laughingly “I don’t know.”

The Albany resident and husband doesn’t call his actions heroic, but he said it’s just his way of doing what’s right during the holiday season.

“Just an ordinary person out there trying to do some good for someone, you know,” Adams said.

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