Election Protection Coalition unhappy over Dougherty Co. election’s response

‘We’re gonna tell the true story,’ they say.

 Election Protection Coalition unhappy over Dougherty Co. election’s response
Demetrius Young and Amna Farooqi (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Election Protection Coalition members are not happy with the Dougherty County Board of Elections response to the coalition’s complaints filed against Elections Supervisor Ginger Nickerson.

After several weeks of a legal team combing through a response, the Dougherty County Board of Elections has released a written statement to the Election Protection Coalition.

Elections officials promised the coalition it would receive a written response after legal representatives reviewed the statement.

Coalition members said they received the letter, dated Nov. 11, on Tuesday.

Election Protection Coalition leaders held a press conference Wednesday expressing their thoughts on the letter.

“It really says nothing because I don’t believe there was an investigation,” said Demetrius Young with Black Voters Matter.

The coalition submitted formal complaints against Dougherty County Elections Supervisor Ginger Nickerson.

“We felt she acted inappropriately and we asked for an investigation,” said Amna Farooqi with the Election Protection Coalition.

In the letter, the board did not find any sufficient evidence that would support a verbal or written apology or a reprimand of any kind for Nickerson’s alleged actions.

“We disagree with that,” said Farooqi.

Below is a copy of the Election Protection Coalition’s response to the Dougherty County Board of Election’s response.

The coalition filed a handful of complaints against Nickerson back in October.

One of those complaints said Nickerson didn’t do enough to prevent long lines in the historic 2020 elections.

“You have to plan for these things,” said Young.

The coalition said it is working with elections and county leaders to get things right.

“Hold people accountable to figure this thing out and fix it. We’re not here to just complain, we wanna fix these issues,” said Young.

“And I wanna be clear, administrating an election in a pandemic, you know, the election officials have been working hard and are trying to do something that is challenging and that is new for them, too. So we are taking that into consideration in our complaints,” said Farooqi.

They said they will continue to do what they do best and that’s getting the vote out. However, now they are looking at taking legal action because they believe voter’s rights were violated in the November election.

“But we know the true story. We’re gonna tell the true story and we’re gonna get some accountability one way or another,” said Young.

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