190 Lee Co. School System staff, students quarantined in 2 weeks

190 Lee Co. School System staff, students quarantined in 2 weeks

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Since Oct. 29, there have been nine positive cases of COVID-19 and 190 people have been quarantined within the Lee County School System.

“People are just complacent. They’re tired of being home and not being with family and friends and I think the numbers were low, community spread was low and people are getting a little brave,” said Shannon Weeks, the nursing coordinator with the school system.

Shannon Weeks
Shannon Weeks (Source: Shannon Weeks)

School officials said they moved quickly to respond.

"When you start contact tracing those numbers quickly, they go up quickly,” said Assistant Superintendent Kevin Dowling.

Many students and staff members were placed under a two-week quarantine.

“CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendations, DPH (Department of Public Health), we’re following their guidelines,” said Dowling.

The most cases in recent weeks have been at the middle school, at the east campus.

Officials said it’s possible students attended get-togethers before and after Halloween that led to them and staff members either getting the virus or spreading it.

“And again, we can quarantine people, we tell them you can’t come to school for 14 days, but unfortunately we can’t control what happens once they go home,” said Dowling.

School officials believe some students are not taking quarantine seriously enough. They said we’re all human and believe some students may be a little tired of being cooped up during quarantine and the pandemic.

“This is partly the reason I think why we’re starting to see a growth in cases,” said Dowling.

Officials said the week before Halloween, they only had about 30 people in quarantine and no positive cases.

Staff said they are continuing with the same safety protocols since the pandemic and believe they are working and doing the best they can to keep the number of cases down.

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