Georgians dealing with unusual election anxiety

Georgians dealing with unusual election anxiety
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s the third day since the election and voters are still wondering the fate of the presidency.

Georgia is certainly a battleground state and many voters, no matter their party affiliation, say they just want to have answers and that no matter the outcome they want it to be right.

“I know there’s a lot of tension in Georgia, so having it be in limbo I think is more frustrating than anything,” Savannah resident Jeremy Owen said.

Some voters say this toss-up has proven that it’s vital to exercise the right to vote.

“I hope that at one point or another somebody didn’t miss their chance to really make an impact,” Owen said.

“It’s showing that, again, people are stepping up to vote and letting their voices be heard and that it’s just not the traditional Georgia that it’s always been,” Savannah resident Acacia Williams said.

Election leaders say counting ballots is not a race and they want accuracy. Some voters say they’re losing confidence in the election process in Georgia.

“One was way ahead, now the other ones ahead. There might be some corruption here,” Claxton County resident Danny McNear said.

“It does bring a lot of mistrust, less trust, into the system because I don’t feel like it should take this long. We all knew in advance that mail-in ballots take a considerable amount of time. I think it’s just one of those cunning ways to do things systematically according to the higher-ups,” Williams said.

Others say, they’d even like to see the process completely changed.

“Put pad to pencil. I’m through with computers, I’m through with cards and inserting this and inserting that. Give me a paper ballot and pencil and I’d feel much better about it,” Fulton County resident Jay Wiggins said.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, legal ballots are still being counted in Georgia.

“I think every vote count and every vote should be counted. If twice, then so be it,” Fulton County resident Rachel Helie said.

“I’m fine with every vote being counted as long as each vote is held to the same standard as every other vote,” Wiggins said.

One voter says she thinks the outcome will be the same, recount or not.

“As long as everything is done genuinely and with integrity, then I think it’s going to play out the same way,” Williams said.

Election officials say they’re committed to doing everything to maintain trust in the elections process for every Georgian.

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