Bodacious buck shot in Worth Co.

Bodacious buck shot in Worth Co.
Johnson decided not to go hunting in the high winds, but his camera caught a photo that got his attention (Source: GON News)

WORTH CO., Ga. (WALB) - Colby Johnson, 28, lives in Colquitt County, and he deer hunts in the neighboring county to the north, Worth County.

The story of Colby and a giant 18-point, 200-inch buck began last season in early November, when Colby sat out a weekend hunt because of the weather, as reported by Daryl Kirby in GON News.

“Where I was hunting was in planted pines,” Colby said. “I was hunting in a climber, and it was so windy I didn’t go. When I went and checked the camera, I had gotten one picture of the buck in there. I said, ‘Dang, that’s a monster.’”

“One evening he came across the clearcut. He was about 200 yards away. I put it on him and pulled the trigger,” Colby said. “When I got over there I couldn’t find any sign, so I called a guy with tracking dogs. He put the dogs out, and they ran around in circles for a little bit, and he said, ‘You didn’t hit that deer.’ I said, ‘What? I know I did.’ He said, ‘My dogs track off injured deer, that deer wasn’t hit.’ I just straight up whiffed. Then I saw him on camera a few days later. I saw him one more time last season, just a quick glance, but I couldn’t get on him.”

And like most huge bucks these days, this one got a nickname.

“One of my buddies named him ‘Boogie Man,’" Colby said. "He said because the buck haunted me.”

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