MCLB commemorates Marine Corps' 245th birthday

Healthcare workers also honored at ceremony

MCLB commemorates Marine Corps' 245th birthday

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Past and present Marines, along with community leaders gathered to honor healthcare workers and to celebrate the Marine Corps 245th birthday.

Because their annual Birthday Ball had to be canceled because of COVID-19, Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) hosted a parade of Marine uniforms dating back to 1775 to commemorate 245 years of the Marine Corps.

“My son is a veteran himself, so it meant a lot for me to be able to see all of the different uniforms from the Marines and to hear a lot about what they went through during the different times in our country throughout the past," said Mandy Hall, director of emergency services for Phoebe.

After the uniform show, base staff honored Hall and other healthcare workers from Phoebe Putney Health System, for their part in fighting COVID-19.

“It was really just an honor to be able to be here. It means so much for us to be able to thank them and for them to thank us, because I think it was a very trying time, and it was a very difficult time for the community and it just really meant a lot for us to be included in this celebration today,” said Hall.

Base staff honored healthcare workers from Phoebe Putney Health System.
Base staff honored healthcare workers from Phoebe Putney Health System. (Source: WALB)

Maj. Gen. Joseph Shrader thanked heroes like Hall for helping them to celebrate their unit’s accomplishments and for helping them fight a new kind of battle — COVID-19.

“I’m telling you, I stand before you extremely proud of the job we’ve done here at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and other places throughout the command. However, we certainly would not have been able to accomplish our mission without the selfless sacrifice, courage, and total dedication to duty put forth by our medical professionals from Phoebe Putney, who are with us today," said Shrader.

Hall said the relationship between Phoebe and the Marine base is a two-way system, and that neither could have overcome the virus without the other.

“Thank you, Marine Corps. Thank you for all that you do for the community. Thank you for serving and protecting the United States for the past 245 years. We appreciate you, and we’re proud to be able to be here today and represent our hospital at your celebration. Thank you for having us," said Hall.

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