Election Day goes smoothly for several SWGA counties

Election Day goes smoothly for several SWGA counties

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - After a long election day, county election supervisors across South Georgia were wrapping up the tallies and dealing with the aftermath on Wednesday.

WALB spoke to different elections supervisors across South Georgia and for the most part, heard the same thing. Everything went very well on Election Day.

Election Day went off without a hitch for Southwest Georgia counties.
Election Day went off without a hitch for Southwest Georgia counties. (Source: WALB)

Over in Cook County, Elections Supervisor Dawn Arnold said they had 1,683 voters that went to the polls Tuesday. She said the numbers weren’t so high because most voted early.

They had 4,358 early voters.

“It went very well, had very few problems. The equipment worked well, there was zero wait time for most of the day and if there was a wait time, it might have been one or two minutes in just a few of our polls. We received very good feedback from several of our voters, they said it was a very pleasant experience. So, I think, all in all, everything went well,” said Arnold.

Arnold said the only issues they had were voters coming in with campaign material, but that was resolved without any problems.

She says 2016′s election was a little busier than this one.

Over in Clinch County, Elections Supervisor Laina Ballance was wrapping up with votes and said there were no issues reported in the county.

“It was smooth, went very smooth for Berrien County,” said Melanie Ray, the elections supervisor for the county.

She says they had 2,189 voters on Tuesday. For early voting, there were 4,418.

Ray said everything went better than what they anticipated.

In Lanier County, it was Joshua Black’s first year as supervisor of elections.

“It was fantastic. We didn’t have waits at all. We had a little bit of people waiting in the start, but once we got that initial crowd through at 7 o’clock, we didn’t have more than a five minute wait the whole day,” said Black.

Black said they had 701 voters. There were 2,327 early voters, which Black said is a record turnout for the county.

Black said voters liked the new equipment and got positive feedback from the public. He said they liked having the paper ballots because it gives them an extra step to review before casting it.

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