APD considers gunfire detectors to combat crime

Albany examines gunfire detectors

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - During a public safety meeting with city commissioners, the City of Albany’s attorney Nathan Davis and Albany Police Department (APD) Chief Michael Persley talked about investing in a gunfire detection system that pinpoints where the shots were fired.

It would notify police within seconds and give a close location to where the shooting took place.

They believe products like this will not only reduce crime, but discourage it, and decrease response times.

Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis (Source: WALB)
Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis (Source: WALB)

"Just from the discussion today (Thursday), the fact that it’s coming to the table for the city commission then that’s a good step moving forward for this,” Chief Persley said.

City leaders are looking into the initial cost of these products and their future maintenance costs.

Leaders are in the early discussions about the detection products available.

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley
Albany Police Chief Michael Persley (Source: WALB)

City commissioners' will explore the topic in their second November work session and the next public safety meeting in two weeks.

They’ll also look into working camera systems at extended-stay motels, better lighting at convenience stores and motels, along with renewing alcohol licenses.

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