Open Arms to partner with Albany to help the homeless

Open Arms to help Albany homeless population if grant funding approved

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A $45,000 dollar grant could help homeless people in Albany off the streets, but city commissioners have to approve it first.

Rosalynn Fliggins, associate director of Open Arms, hopes if grant funding is approved, they can better help the homeless in Albany.

“It’s gonna have a huge impact because the people that we didn’t have the funds to serve, we can. Because once the funds are expended, you know, we don’t have any other resources," said Fliggins.

Open Arms is partnering with the City of Albany for a grant that helps the homeless.
Open Arms is partnering with the City of Albany for a grant that helps the homeless. (Source: Open Arms)

Fliggins said the organization is partnering with the city for its grant that helps the homeless.

“And again, with fundraising being down, additional dollars are going to help provide services for additional people, which, of course, decreases the homeless population in our city, makes outcomes for that population better, you’re going to see decreases in crime, decreases in incidence of mental health, all of those things that homelessness has an impact on, you’ll start to see more positive outcomes because more people will be able to be served," said Fliggins.

Open Arms is a nonprofit that provides transitional housing and reaches out to young people battling homelessness.

If someone you know or love is homeless and needs assistance, call (229) 431-1121. The Albany City Commission was slated to vote to approve the funding at Tuesday’s commission meeting. We will update this story once we know the outcome of that vote.

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