Safe and Sound: ‘Diagnosis to Victory,’ Part 3

Updated: Oct. 23, 2020 at 11:56 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - For the month of October, Safe and Sound has been dedicated to breast cancer awareness. The four-part series called “Diagnosis to Victory,” details survivor Mona McCoy’s journey.

For Part 1, we focused on the initial diagnosis of breast cancer.

Part 2 focused on McCoy’s treatment.

This week its all about the support from her family.

Mona McCoy and family
Mona McCoy and family(Facebook)

Michael McCoy and his wife Mona have been married for 22 years.

“A great wife a great mother, and she’s been a great partner throughout this journey,” Michael said of Mona.

But the journey was not easy, especially when breast cancer interrupted their lives in 2017.

He said the hardest part was seeing not only his wife suffer, but also seeing their two kids also going through the process with her.

The McCoy’s oldest child, Myles, is now in college, but at the time he was just 16.

Myles McCoy and Mom
Myles McCoy and Mom(Facebook)

“My son shaved my head for me. After weeks of me trying to figure out how to navigate my patchy head,” Mona said.

Myles said shaving his mom’s head was the hardest part for him.

“She would go to sleep and wake up with lots of hair in the bed, she trusted me to make her head clean. And it was an emotional experience for both of us,” Myles said.

Myles said his goal was to keep his mom in a positive state of mind and also to be there for his little sister Madison.

Mona and Family
Mona and Family(WALB)

Madison and Myles both told me although they were supposed to be there to support their mom she surprised them by continuing to support them every step of the way.

“I felt so happy to take care of her, because she had a lot of stuff that she had to put on her body, and I was so happy to take everything off and fix the bandages. Whatever she needed, I was there for her,” Madison said.

Michael says his love for his wife, regardless of a double mastectomy, never wavered.

“It was her decision, it was her life, it was her body, but she needed to know that I loved her unconditionally. Regardless of her shape, form, none of those things mattered. I didn’t get married to her for those things,” Michael said.

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