Worth Co. parents urge school board members to wait until January to hire new superintendent

Worth Co. parents urge school board members to wait until January to hire new superintendent

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - Some Worth County parents want the school system to wait until January to hire the next superintendent.

“I hope they wait,” said Wanda Sumner, who has a daughter who’s a junior at Worth County High School.

Wanda Sumner
Wanda Sumner (Source: WALB)

Sumner said in the best interest of the schools, board officials should wait until January to hire a new superintendent. She wants the new board members coming on in January to have a say so in the hiring of the next superintendent.

“I think it would be in the best interest of this community, the students and future businesses that would come here," said Sumner.

Worth County School Board Chairman Hubert Souter said it’s unclear right now if the board will hire someone before the end of the year.

Tommy Coleman, the legal representative for the Worth County School System, said legally, the board has the right to hire anyone right now, even as two board members are about to exit and two new ones will start in January.

Coleman said he recommended to a board member that the existing six board members get the two soon-to-be members involved in decision making.

Coleman said they have done just that.

He also said the two new members were brought in for a recent executive session meeting.

A school board meeting was intended for Monday night, which was going to give parents a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. However, a proper notice wasn’t posted in time.

Coleman said a notice was posted online Friday.

However, a formal notice needed to be placed on the location door 24 hours before the meeting, which it was not.

Sumner was the only parent to show up.

"So, it is a very important position that they are in and that they really need to take time and interview a potential superintendent and know what they’re getting,” said Sumner.

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