VCS deadline to return to in-person learning approaching

VCS deadline to return to in-person learning approaching

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Valdosta City Schools' registration for students to return to traditional learning began Monday.

Parents of students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade who wish to return their child to traditional learning, now is the time.

Valdosta City Schools Superintendent Dr. William Todd Cason said it seems like most parents are going to choose to make the switch.

The superintendent said there may be a few that will want to change from traditional to virtual, but not as many.

“Several things that may play into helping them make a decision, one being, Valdosta City Schools' numbers have not been as high as other districts. The second being that virtual school can be very difficult or virtual learning or virtual instruction, can be difficult for some. We asked parents to serve as the learning coach for their child and some parents have found that to be difficult and challenging,” said Cason.

To make the switch, parents need to email their child’s school between Monday and Friday, Oct. 23.

Students will be able to return to in-person classes on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

There will be two opportunities for K-8th grade students to switch models, in January and another in March.

The opportunity for grades 9-12 to switch will be in January.

Cason said he is proud of school nurses, teachers and parents for working together to ensure everyone’s safety.

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