Berrien Co. parents want to see change after son dies in car accident

Updated: Oct. 19, 2020 at 7:27 PM EDT
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NASHVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - A mother wants to see some change on Berrien County roads after her son died in what she calls a “freak accident.”

Keagan Kung-Korte was 17-years-old. He was driving home from class at Valdosta State University (VSU), last Monday afternoon when deputies said he was in a single-car crash. It happened two miles from his home.

Keagan Kung-Korte with his family.
Keagan Kung-Korte with his family.(Rebecca Kung-Korte)

His parents said he was smart, caring and had a bright future ahead of him.

They are shocked to believe he’s gone and with no clear explanation as to what may have caused him to drive off the road.

“What was he like, in short, he was severely needed on this planet. He is one of the few souls that really, really has been robbed for not just the community, but who knows what he could’ve gone out and done,” said Rebecca, his mother.

Rebecca said he was her miracle baby. He was born at four pounds and three months early, but he beat all the odds.

Rebecca said she’s proud of his accomplishments.

“We wanted the best for him and it sounds like he really was the best he could be," said Rebecca.

Keagan was a senior at Berrien High School but had also attended Valwood. Since junior year, he was enrolled full-time for dual enrollment at VSU.

Rebecca tsaid he wanted to become an astronaut or go into sustainable studies.

On that somber day, Rebecca said she was gardening out front when she decided to check the Smartfinder app, for some odd reason, to see where Keagean was and her husband.

She saw them both on the way.

“Then I stopped and was just like ‘man, a long time has gone by, maybe I’m not sure.' I saw one service vehicle go by and then, the sirens are extremely loud and I said ‘God, there’s a bad accident on the road.’ So , looked at them and saw Keagan was two miles out and said ‘oh, baby is home,’" said Rebecca.

More time passed by and she decided to go check what was going on. When she got there, she couldn’t see the car, it was covered.

She was turning around when she noticed her husband had passed her. They both then both realized it was Keagan in the accident.

“After they told us, I think it was such a shock. I don’t even know, I couldn’t describe what I was feeling,” said Michael Kung-Korte, Keagan’s father.

Rebecca said the coroner and sheriff’s office told them Keagan did everything right.

His seat belt was on, his phone was away, his airbag deployed and both hands were on the wheel.He would be here today if he hadn’t hit the fence that pierced his windshield.

Keagan Kung-Korte with his family.
Keagan Kung-Korte with his family.(Rebecca Kung-Korte)

“Perhaps Berrien County could think of putting a shoulder where there needs to be a shoulder. How many accidents in that same site see, how many deaths have we seen there," said Rebecca. “It’s a million chances if one variable would’ve been off. We’re trying very hard that something good has to come from this because it can’t be this senseless."

Rebecca said everyone in the community has been supportive and she is very thankful to feel so much love in such a dark hour.

WALB reached out to Berrien County’s Road Department for comment, but we have not heard back.

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