Albany police urge residents to lock their vehicles

Albany Police Urge Residents To Lock Their Vehicles

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - After a slew of car break-ins at apartment complexes, Albany police are reminding everyone to lock your cars.

Cpl. Dillard Glover said that people should not leave valuables or guns inside their vehicles.

Cpl. Dillard Glover
Cpl. Dillard Glover (Source: WALB)

If someone has to leave valuables in a vehicle, he suggests that they lock their doors and hide the valuables in the trunk or under the seat.

Glover said if your car is broken into by a thief, you should file a report immediately.

“Filing a report is one way that we can also track and see where we’re having criminal activity. If you got a neighborhood that has some cars broken into and nobody files a report, and nobody calls the police, we’re not even going to know that we have a problem in that area,” said Glover.

You can report a car break-in to the Albany Police Department at (229) 431-2100.

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