LMPD officers sued, accused of coercion and sexual favors

LMPD officers sued, accused of coercion and sexual favors
LMPD Officer Brian Bailey and LMPD Officer Jared Williams (Source: LMPD)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Two Louisville Metro Police officers are the center of a lawsuit, with a woman taking legal action against Officer Brian Bailey, Officer Jared Williams, and Metro Government.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, claims she was coerced into being an informant and asked to perform sexual favors. The lawsuit details the victim’s story, including the ways Bailey allegedly got the victim to do what he wanted.

The lawsuit states the encounters left the victim traumatized.

“There’s never just one woman. It’s never just one victim,” attorney Shannon Fauver said.

Fauver has experience representing clients who have been victims of sexual assault. Though she’s not representing the woman filing suit this time, she did work for a client who had been raped by an LMPD officer who is now in jail.

“I feel really bad because I know what [attorneys] are going to put the [victim] through if the cases go forward,” Fauver said. “The process is not easy. The woman will basically be revictimized.”

The lawsuit states the woman, who is Black, became Bailey’s victim after she was taken into custody. The victim’s boyfriend was a suspect in a drug investigation in July 2018. According to the lawsuit, the victim didn’t know her boyfriend had illegal drugs.

While in custody, the lawsuit states Bailey placed his hand on her thigh, and said, “I can help you if you help me."

The officer then allegedly drove the victim home. Before she got out of the car, Bailey said “You owe me,” and demanded a sexual favor.

“They feel like they have no power or control over the situation and what happens to them,” Zenebia Law, the program director for the Center for Women and Families, said. “Sometimes, [the victim is] fearful of what it means to come forward.”

Law said its life or death in these situations, and victims should come forward and know there is a way out. Bailey allegedly used that power against the victim, and in the lawsuit, it states he would implicate the victim on criminal charges that were placed against her boyfriend. He also reportedly continuously asked the victim to send explicit photos and for sex.

Officer Jared Williams was involved in the initial arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, and the lawsuit accuses him of telling the victim she needed to help Bailey as an informant.

The lawsuit also claims, LMPD knew about Bailey’s misconduct, but nothing was done about it.

The attorney representing the victim, Vince Johnson, says he believes Bailey has more victims. He and survivor advocates ask anyone who may know something or experienced any assault to come forward, and that anonymity will be a priority.

Johnson said there is an LMPD Public Integrity Unit (PIU) investigation into Bailey because a separate woman has come forward with claims against him.

LMPD would not comment or confirm if there are any PIU or Professional Standards Unit investigations into either officer. However, it was confirmed with the department that Bailey is on administrative reassignment and Williams is on regular duty.

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