UPDATE: Albany Humane Society back in business

UPDATE: Albany Humane Society back in business
The Albany Humane Society. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Albany Humane Society executive board says they have been working diligently to correct violations that forced the facility to stop taking in animals. The work is complete, and now, the shelter is receiving animals again.

The Albany Humane Society was hit with several violations from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, including interior surface, pest control, including a roach infestation, and housing, to name a few of the more severe violations. Officials said they started working on correcting the violations immediately however some will take time to fix.

The Department of Agriculture came to the shelter on Wednesday afternoon for a re-inspection, and concluded a satisfactory report, and lifted the Stop Intake Order.  The Albany Humane Society is now permitted to take in animals

“Over the last two weeks our AHS team has worked tirelessly to address all of the Department of Ag violations and we are proud to say that Albany Humane is better than ever!” said Lulu Kaufman of the Albany Humane Society. “We thank everyone for their cooperation and patience.”

Lulu Kaufman, Albany Humane Society (Facebook)
Lulu Kaufman, Albany Humane Society (Facebook)

The Albany Humane Society does receive county and city funding.

“The amount of money that we get from the city and the county basically covers our payroll. Anything leftover has to go to the care of animals.”

Kaufman said the rest of their funding comes from donors, and If the money isn’t there, the buildings may suffer.

However, over the Summer they got a $20,000 grant from the Atlanta Humane Society to fix their buildings, and are already putting that money to use, and Kaufman welcomes the state’s input.

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