Dougherty Co. wraps up first week of early voting

Dougherty Co. wraps up first week of early voting

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - One week of early voting has wrapped up in Georgia and it came with some issues.

But what about Dougherty County specifically?

“No issues after the state system’s two updates. We had two system updates on Monday night and Tuesday night to assist all of us, all 159 counties because we utilize the same system and it’s been good since about Wednesday afternoon. The system began to act like itself,” Ginger Nickerson, Dougherty County elections supervisor, said.

Long lines and wait times at the polls plagued the Peach State and Dougherty County.

Nickerson said the longest recorded wait time was on Tuesday, clocking in at two hours and 30 minutes.

As of Thursday, that time was cut down to an hour-and-a-half.

Nickerson said social distancing guidelines are playing a factor in the long lines.

“And once a voter goes into the second area to vote, there’s no time limit on how long they stand at the equipment to place their ballot," Nickerson said. "That was against the law.”

If you don’t want to wait in line, remember, absentee ballots are an option.

“We want those voters to know that if your ballot was mailed out of Dougherty County, it needs to be placed in a Dougherty County dropbox,” Nickerson said.

Those boxes can be found at the Government Center, Northwest Library Branch, The Southside Library and the Tallulah Massey Library.

On Friday, Nickerson said the total number of ballots cast during the first week of early voting was 2,308.

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