Trump bus rolls through Tifton

Trump bus rolls through Tifton

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A Trump 2020 campaign bus rolled across Georgia.

Its stop in Tifton brought out a lot of supporters for President Donald Trump and other Republican candidates.

A Trump pep rally was held Thursday in Tifton. Also campaigning, for 14th Congressional District, was Republican candidate Marjorie Greene.

“We’ve gotta protect our freedom of speech, we have to protect all of our freedoms. So I’m gonna wrap up right now and I’m so thankful for you guys coming out,” said Greene at the end of her speech.

Marjorie Greene
Marjorie Greene (Source: WALB)

It was part of the Marjorie MAGA Tour.

The event was held from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m at the Tifton Mall on Virginia Avenue.

A Tifton native owns the bus and paid for it to be transformed into a Trump bus.

It was all of course, after receiving permission and a blessing from President Donald Trump and his team.

“Well, I mean it’s just everywhere we go it’s a big crowd. I mean, we don’t see small crowds really. I think it’s gonna grow and grow. It just comes with Trump," said Danny Hamilton, the man behind the bus.

Danny Hamilton
Danny Hamilton (Source: WALB)

Speaking of crowds, people came from across Georgia to attend Thursday’s event. There were people in attendance from Macon to Fitzgerald, who showed up to show their support.

“I came to support Trump and I come with my family,” said one attendee, who is a first-time voter.

One man from Fitzgerald said he came out to show his excitement for the President and said “Trump rally, Trump.”

“I came out today because I wanted to support my friend Marjorie Greene who’s the new congresswoman in the 14th District and also to help get Trump re-elected,” said a man from Macon who was at the event.

“I’m from Tifton, Georgia and I come out here to support Donald Trump. He’s the best of the best,” said another woman.

The Tifton Democratic Party is responding after the bus' stop in Tifton.

James E. Burroughs, Jr. is the chairman of the Tift County Democratic Party.

“I’m not surprised to see them in our area. Tifton is a great city but they’re here because they’re running scared from the momentum of the Biden-Harris Campaign. However, our focus continues to be on getting Democrats to vote, either by paper ballot or in-person voting now that early voting is underway," said Burroughs.

The bus' next stop will be in Macon on Friday, where President Donald Trump is scheduled to make an appearance.

Biden for President Georgia and the Democratic Party of Georgia will host a “Ridin' with Biden” car parade and press conference in Macon, Georgia, ahead of Donald Trump’s rally in Macon on Friday night.

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