Sumter Co. moving forward after issues during early voting

Sumter Co. moving forward after issues during early voting

AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - Sumter County leaders are responding to longer wait times for early voting and allegations that not all machines were up and running this week.

Sumter County, like many counties across the Peach State, have faced issues during the first three days of early voting.

Officials said those issues were out of their hands.

"Well, really it is. The people have been trained and all these, I call them the A-team, they’ve been through voting for years and years,” said Randy Howard, the Sumter County supervisor of elections.

Randy Howard
Randy Howard (Source: WALB)

Howard said most of the issues involved internet and system data, but security was never compromised.

"The only problem I face now is to make sure that the connection to the Secretary of State works properly. I know they’re trying to expand broadband and once they get that taken care of, then I really don’t have no issues,” explained Howard.

One voter said he saw only so many machines being used. Justin Laster said the “majority of machines were down.” and that "there were two or three that were working.”

Justin Laster
Justin Laster (Source: WALB)

Howard said all eight machines have been working since day one of early voting.

"No machines. We had the voter pads, though, Monday did not work,” said Howard.

Those pads help create your voter card. Howard said those pads are working fine now but did cause some delays on Monday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, almost 800 people have cast their ballot in Sumter County.

Howard said Wednesday morning, the wait was closer to two hours, however, as the day went on, wait times shrunk. He said the best time to get in line is first thing in the morning.

Polls will open up at 8 a.m. The only place to vote early in Sumter County is at the Griffin Bell Golf Course Conference Center on South Lee Street.

Howard said no more voting locations will open until Election Day.

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