Haven Brady Jr. debuts in his first pro fight

Haven Brady Jr. debuts in his first pro fight

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dreams are now the reality for Haven Brady Jr...

He’s officially signed with one of the biggest promoters in professional boxing.

And recently debuted in his first pro fight.

After many years and countless hours at the gym, Haven Brady Junior fought in his first professional fight, last weekend.

And it was his hand that was raised at the end of the match.

“All the times that me and my dad had been on the road. All the times I and my coaches spent endless hours in the gym. All the times I got home late from the gym to do schoolwork, I felt all of that was needed and I just felt like all my hard work had gone somewhere good," said Brady.

In Brady’s debut, he won by TKO after four rounds, but he’ll tell you it should’ve happened in the first.

“I actually dropped him in the first round. He tried to say it was a low blow, so the ref gave him more time than he should’ve recuperated. He was a vet in the sport, so he knew what to do. So, that was a good thing for me to fight a vet like that in my first pro fight. And I just had to do what great boxers do and adjust," said Brady.

Brady signed with one of the biggest promoters, Top Rank, just under two months before he’d appear in his first bout.

“When I finally got the call and they wanted to have a deal with me, I couldn’t explain how I felt. I felt so good, all the things that I had to work for and all the things I accomplished, got me a good promotion deal," said Brady.

Minutes after securing his first professional win, Brady was already searching for the next one.

“That’s the only way to get better and get to be a champion," said Brady.

The 2019 Junior National Olympics gold medalist said this is only the beginning.

“I feel like that’s one milestone and many more to come and I’m ready for the journey," said Brady.

The boxer told me it was what was happening outside the ring that blew him away.

“The support from this fight was unbelievable. I didn’t know I had that much support, that many fans," said Brady.

Brady told me he’s looking to book another fight or two before the end of the year.

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