Lee Co. School System adapts COVID-19 protocols based on recent data

Lee Co. School System adapts COVID-19 protocols based on recent data

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - COVID-19 cases in Lee County schools are on a downward trend, and as a result, the school recently changed its protocols.

“We have learned a lot and we’re trying to adapt to the situation as it develops looking at our data, and that’s helping us make decisions about what we’re doing. For instance, one of the big changes that parents will see is that we have gone from daily temperature checks to two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays. That started this week based on the numbers that we’ve been seeing," explained Lee County Superintendent Dr. Jason Miller.

After completing over 125,000 temperature checks over the past 25 days, Miller said schools have seen fewer COVID-19 cases.

Thermometer (Source: WALB)

However, other types of common viruses and illnesses still have the potential to spread.

“We’re seeing a lot more of the typical things that we see in a school year. Flu, strep, stomach bug, cold and we have students who are getting sick, as we always do when you have this many people get together, but it’s more of the common things than it has been COVID, and we hope that trend will continue," said Dr. Miller.

If students show any signs of sickness during the school day, Dr. Miller said the nursing staff will take an individualized approach while treating each child.

“When a child comes to the nurse, and they are exhibiting symptoms that could be related to COVID, that means the nurse has to adapt to that situation. In particular, dawning PPE to work with the student. We also have isolation rooms, the same type of things that most schools are doing across the country," said Dr. Miller.

And while the numbers look good right now, Dr. Miller said if cases of COVID-19 rise again, the school already has a plan in place to revert to old protocols.

“We, we are very pleased that things have gone well but we’re prepared to adapt to the situation as the numbers indicate," said Miller.

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