‘It’s a consistent thing’: Domestic violence still a major problem in Albany

‘It’s a consistent thing’: Domestic violence still a major problem in Albany

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -Domestic violence is a big problem in Albany, according to Albany Police Chief Michael Persley.

"Domestic violence is one of our top issues that we have to deal with here yearly.”

Chief Persley said right now, APD gets around ten to fifteen domestic violence calls a day.

He said those calls can be about anything from arguments to physical violence or violation of a protective order.

“It’s a consistent thing," said Persley.

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley
Albany Police Chief Michael Persley (Source: WALB)

Chief Persley said call volumes haven’t really gone up or down since the pandemic.

He added it’s possible the pandemic has made domestic violence worse in Albany but right now it’s unsure.

"We really don’t know because like I said for every one call that is reported to us, it’s probably five or six that are not reported.”

He said victims need to speak out and get help.

Diane Rogers agrees with him. She is the executive director of the Liberty House of Albany.

They provide services for domestic violence victims and their children.

She said domestic violence calls are steady right now.

However, for about three weeks when quarantine hit, the call volume did slow down but have since picked back up.

They believe the slowdown was because victims just were unsure of the times and may have been afraid to get help.

Their cases right now are more intense, and they believe financial stress and other factors caused that.

Liberty House of Albany offers a 24-hour crisis line for victims.

You can reach them at (229) 439-7065.

Rogers said somebody will be there waiting to help you.

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