Redevelopment for new data/hotel center underway in downtown Albany

Redevelopment for new data/hotel center underway in downtown Albany

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The old Albany Water, Gas, and Light building will soon be redeveloped into a boutique hotel and data center.

Recently, the Albany City Commission was presented with the updated redevelopment plan.

Commissioner BJ Fletcher was there when the commission voted on the plan.

“Well, I think you could tell what our response was when if I’m not mistaken, it got a 7-0 vote, and you don’t do that too often in a commission meeting. So, we’re all unified on what we want to do," said Fletcher.

Lequrica Gaskins, Albany’s downtown manager, said the pandemic impacted the project’s original timeline.

Now, it’s scheduled to be complete by mid-2022.

“So, while COVID-19 was doing what it was doing, we were also still working very hard behind the scenes to keep the project moving forward. And as you can see with the announcement of last week, it certainly is something that we’re proud to be a part of," said Gaskins.

The total cost of the redevelopment is budgeted at $13 million.

Fletcher said $3 million of that money will come from taxpayers.

“But I want the taxpayers to know before they start calling me, three million of it is what the taxpayers will be responsible for. And it is a loan, and it will be paid back," said Fletcher.

The hotel is expected to generate almost $500,000 in jobs annually.

Gaskins said while the investment is large, the building will allow for the future expansion of downtown Albany.

“It’s an opportunity for a state-of-the-art center right here in our downtown area, so something not only unique and different but something special for our downtown," said Gaskins.

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