Hurricane Sally wrecks giant oak tree, disturbs pet peacock

Hurricane Sally causes problems for Sylvester family and their pet peacock

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - A Sylvester family is facing a gigantic cleanup after Hurricane Sally brought down a very large tree on their property.

Holden family members discovered their ancient giant live oak tree, off Peafowl Road, was split down the middle after Hurricane Sally blew through Sylvester and Worth Co. Wednesday night.

Glenn Holden, father and husband, said after the tree was split, they discovered light.

“We haven’t seen daylight since we bought the place, and it’s been over twenty years,” Holden said.

The decades-old tree provided outdoor shade to the family, but not anymore.

“Because it’s such an old tree and it’s so big, it’s just sad to see it go. My kids have played on it for years,” Holden said.

Mr. Peacock
Mr. Peacock (Source: WALB)

This tree not only provided shade to the Holden family but a resting spot for one of their many pets, “Mr. Peacock,” a peacock that the Holden family welcomed into their lives after meeting him in the wild.

Mr. Peacock is just another member of the family, but Glenn and his wife wonder, now that Mr. Peacock’s ‘home’ is gone, will he leave too.

They hope he will be part of the family for a little while longer.

The decades old tree provided outdoor shade to the family but not anymore.
The decades old tree provided outdoor shade to the family but not anymore. (Source: WALB)

“I’m trying to figure out how we gonna get this tree out of here. That’s the bottom line, because this thing is so big, we don’t even know where to begin,” said Glenn.

Parts of their home were damaged, like an outside freezer, some outbuildings, and his truck, but Glenn said so far no leaks in the house.

He contacted a tree service and their insurance company about the downed tree, and they are still staying at their home.

Mr. Peacock didn’t comment.

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