Law enforcement shares internet safety tips for virtual students

Law enforcement shares internet safety tips for virtual students

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - While many children are back in the classroom, some are going online for their studies this year.

Since more children are on the internet throughout the day, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re monitoring activity on their computers.

“Kids are now doing school online, which means that they’re now on the internet a lot more, they’re exposed to more. But we also know that kids are probably going to be looking at videos and going to different websites," said Corporal Crystal Parker with the Thomasville Police Department.

Corporal Crystal Parker, PIO, Thomasvile PD
Corporal Crystal Parker, PIO, Thomasvile PD (Source: WALB)

A reminder for parents to be cognizant of what their children are doing online.

Parker said restricting their browsing with parental controls on their computer and monitoring their screens are good additions to the daily routine.

“Talk to them about the dangers of the internet. You shouldn’t give out personal information to anybody, you shouldn’t arrange to meet up with anybody you meet on the internet," explained Parker.

Parker said parents should have open communication and make sure you’re receptive to any topic your child may bring to you.

Red flags are also something to always keep an eye out for.

This could include behavioral changes like being more anxious, withdrawn or having trouble sleeping.

“Are they attempting to hide their online behavior? You know, are they shutting the screen when you come over or exiting out of something?" asked Parker.

Outside of open communication, Parker recommends for parents use The website is specifically designed to address topics you may not know how to address with your child.

“It all comes down to parents being present and paying attention to what your kid’s doing," said Parker.

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