ATC needs 50 students for new pilot program

Good News: ATC needs 50 students for new pilot program

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany Technical College is seeking 50 adult students without high school diplomas for a unique pilot program before October 19.

The new Career Plus High School Equivalency (HSE) initiative is changing how people can achieve a high school equivalency, while also getting training in more than 39 high demand career programs.

This program offers an innovative path for participants to obtain skills training in fields with higher salaries while at the same time earning a high school education.

The 50 candidates selected for the pilot program should be 21 years old or older and NOT a high school graduate or earned a GED. Those chosen must joint enroll in one of the career field programs (listed below) and in adult high school equivalency classes. No application fee is required.

A qualified candidate will be eligible for the PELL Grant, HOPE Grant, Work-Study, and/or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) financial aid.

President Dr. Anthony Parker
President Dr. Anthony Parker (Source: walb)

Dr. Anthony O. Parker, President of Albany Technical College, said: “We are eager to offer this Career Plus High School Equivalency to 50 students with the pilot program. The new program recognizes that adult learners have specific needs and life obligations that have to be addressed to be successful students. This program will allow participants to obtain credit for skills already mastered, get assistance with textbook costs, and gain career skills while earning a high school credential.”

Linda Coston, Vice President of Adult Education, said, “Albany Technical College has worked diligently to reduce or eliminate the barriers for those who are ready to enter into a career field that will provide them a living wage and at the same time they can complete their high school education. We have an obligation to be the engine for that change in the lives of our students. In turn, we will be developing a skilled and employable workforce for our community.”

A student who does not have a GED® or high school diploma can begin taking “Gateway” classes at the college while earning their GED or high school equivalency. Joint Enrollment also offers students a five-step process to complete a diploma or move on to a degree of their choice in 39 programs of interest.

1. Contact Albany Tech Adult Education (229.430-7881 or

2. Choose a program of interest (

3. Apply at ATC Admissions (

4. Complete a Financial Aid application (

Students chosen may be eligible for the PELL Grant, HOPE Grant, Work-Study, and/or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) financial aid. Some of the programs do not require testing for admissions. This opportunity enables the student to avoid traditional entry testing and move directly into the remainder of the program’s curriculum because they have shown an “ability to benefit” from the program with acceptable performance in the first two college career classes.

$25,000 Lending Library to Support Adult Education

To support this new initiative, the Albany Tech Foundation has provided $25,000 to establish a lending library of textbooks/media supplies for students entering the program who need assistance in that area. The lending library will be stocked with books and other program media that can be checked out at no cost to eligible adult education students and retained for the length of the course. This new resource will be housed on campus at the Anthony O. Parker, Ph.D. Library/Media Center in the Logistics Education Center. Glenn A. Singfield, Sr., President of the Albany Tech Foundation Board of Trustees, said, “Albany Tech identified that creating this new lending library would be a very positive and supportive element to the new adult education strategies. The Foundation Trustees unanimously agreed to support the adult education lending library to help students complete their studies. It eliminates the cost of textbooks as one barrier to completing an education.” Link:

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