Trump campaign senior advisor visits Cairo

Trump campaign senior advisor visits Cairo

CAIRO, Ga. (WALB) - An enthusiastic crowd showed up at an open field behind  South Broad Street in Cairo to see President Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor and Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence Wednesday night.

"In 54 days we can choose freedom for four more years or we can choose something, in the words of Joe Biden that fundamentally transforms America,” said Pence.

The 'MAGA meet up’ was sponsored by Trump, Victory, The RNC, The Trump Campaign, and the Georgia GOP.

Many came to the event and some spoke to us on why they came out.

“When Trump was first going for President, I wasn’t there yet. I was still 17. So I didn’t have a chance to vote, but now that I’m 21 I’m using my right to vote for a President who actually cares about me and my rights,” said one.

“My love over America and my support of President Trump and what his administration has done,” said another.

Some in Cairo were surprised to see Pence in the city.

“We’re not deep red any longer and for them to be spending their time and spending their money here that tells me something and what it tells me is that they’re nervous,” said Sandra Sallee Chair of the Grady County Democratic Committee.

Pence will make a stop in Columbus Thursday.

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