Superintendent: Westwood Schools in Camilla off to a great start

Superintendent says Westwood Schools is off to a great start

CAMILLA, Ga. (WALB) - It’s been almost a month since Westwood Schools in Camilla reopened for full, in-person instruction.

“I feel like our student body really has handled this in a mature way," said Westwood Schools Superintendent Kevin Cloud.

Westwood Schools Superintendent Kevin Cloud
Westwood Schools Superintendent Kevin Cloud (Source: WALB)

Cloud said they’ve been open since Aug. 12 with various plans in place to combat COVID-19.

Staff members take temperatures as students walk in the doors each day and masks are required for students third-grade and above.

“In common areas, our students are required to wear their masks. We do have some teachers who are a little bit older, and so we ask students to keep their masks on in what we call ‘at-risk classrooms,'" explained Cloud.

Westwood Schools' social distancing in the classroom.
Westwood Schools' social distancing in the classroom. (Source: WALB)

Otherwise, students are welcome to take their masks off once they’re at their desks and during outdoor activities, like physical education and recess.

In these outside spaces, they’ve introduced a rotating schedule, including going to lockers, minimizing congesting in-between classes.

“Essentially, if you have an odd number locker, you go to your locker after odd number periods, even number locker, even number periods. We’re a small school, so it makes it very manageable for our students," said Cloud.

With around 300 students, Cloud said they’re following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards, keeping students socially distanced as best they can.

They’ve introduced lunchroom and even hand-washing schedules while sanitizing on a period by period basis.

Depending on the level of positive cases, Cloud said they have four sets of protocols in place, including proper procedures if they do have a positive case.

“We’re working with both our health department and Phoebe Putney, our partners there, to just stay abreast of everything that’s going on and what, if any changes we need to make," said Cloud.

Cloud said these protocols may also help mitigate the flu as the season approaches.

Overall, they’re focused on students' best effort during these changing times, hoping to one day, return back to normal.

“I think just putting one foot in front of the other, best effort and just moving forward with our school year," said Cloud.

Cloud said that from what he’s seen, the biggest adjustment for students has been the social changes, but he said they’ve found that the students are doing a great job of adjusting across the board.

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