Tifton parents spend Labor Day holiday virtually with two sons, one in the Navy

Tifton parents spend Labor Day holiday virtually with two sons, one in the Navy

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) -For Labor Day, many families fired up the grill for a family gathering but the Dukes family fired up Zoom.

Whether near or far, they told us how virtually they were able to keep in contact with their kids during the pandemic on Labor Day.

“Hey, what’s happening?” is how Michael Dukes greeted his two sons at the start of their Zoom meeting Monday afternoon.

Michael and April, along with their youngest son who still lives at home, Adam, spent their Labor Day talking everything from baseball to weather with their two oldest sons Clayton and Taylor.

Clayton (Bottom Center) and Taylor (Top Right)
Clayton (Bottom Center) and Taylor (Top Right) (Source: WALB)

One is on the east coast and the other is on the west coast.

“We obviously miss them but we’re able to see them,” said Michael.

Taylor is a Navy man who can’t come home to mom and dad right now because of COVID-19.

He is currently stationed in San Diego.

Micheal and April said they’re thankful for 21st-century tools like Zoom, FaceTime, and text to keep him close to their hearts.

April and Michael said they are thankful the days of personal snail mail are not how they communicate with Taylor.

“I can’t imagine going through that not being able to talk to him for months or not knowing where he’s at,” said Michael.

“Again, we miss our son but the generation prior to ours where they had no communication, now that’s humbling. That’s a sacrifice,” he added.

Clayton is on the east coast in Charleston, South Carolina.

He works in Charleston’s downtown food and beverage industry.

Even one of his pups made an appearance Monday.

Clayton asks his dog Roscoe “can you tell them hey?”

“It’s a lively time when Roscoe and Linen (Clayton’s other dog) comes to visit,” April replied.

“Again as long as I can communicate with them and hear their voices and know they’re ok, obviously we’d like to get our hands on them and love them,” said Michael.

With only a swimming pool and a tablet in sight, Labor Day might be a little different this year but for the Dukes family, they’ll make it work.

Michael and April told us they have already started making plans to visit both Taylor and Clayton soon.

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