City leaders concerned after finding Illegal dumpsite behind Albany church

City leaders concerned after finding Illegal dumpsite behind Albany church

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -City of Albany leaders said they are fed up after another illegal dumpsite was discovered.

This time it is was near a church.

Pastor Clifford Hill of Cornerstone Ministries found an illegal dumpsite in the alley behind the church on South Carroll Street on Friday.

Pastor Clifford Hill
Pastor Clifford Hill (Source: WALB)

“So I have seen it before happen so, but we want it to stop,” said Pastor Hill.

He believes sites like this can eventually have an impact on the church and its members.

“How many people wanna come to a service and they got trash all around it?”

This site is in Commissioner Jon Howard’s ward. Howard is over Ward 1.

Hill and Howard believe sites like this are not only eyesores but impacts community and business developments in the area.

Commissioner Jon Howard
Commissioner Jon Howard (Source: WALB)

“But for some reason, our citizens of this city and this county, do not get it,” said Commissioner Howard.

“We got to get it right so people can want to come here to plant their business here,” Pastor Hill said.

If caught creating an illegal dumpsite, you can face up to a $1,000 fine and or community service of picking up litter near the area you trashed, according to city leaders.

It can also cost hundreds of taxpayers dollars to clean up by Public Works.

They want to remind you 250 pounds are free to take to the landfill for citizens.

Commissioner Howard said Public Works will come by and clean up the piles sometime this week.

Pastor Hill said he’s thankful for Howard’s efforts in trying to educate the community with flyers and just getting the word out.

But he and his church members sometimes take efforts into their own hands.

“One reason we clean this alley is because a lot of the kids in school walk through this alley so I want to keep it safe and clean through here for them because we don’t want nothing to happen to a child walking through this alley.”

Howard believes illegal dumping has increased this year and believes COVID-19 has no impact on that increase.

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