Award-Winning photos installed at St. Teresa’s Catholic School

Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 8:58 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The halls and walls of Saint Teresa’s Catholic School have transformed into a makeshift art gallery this school year.

Thanks to the work of Alumni Joe Scherberger, an Atlanta-based art foundation installed almost 200 award-winning photographs at the school.

The photographer, Steve McCurry, even had work featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

The current exhibition is called “Faces of Innocence.”

Almost 200 photographs from Steve McCurry were installed at the school.
Almost 200 photographs from Steve McCurry were installed at the school.(WALB)

Leaders at St. Teresa’s say the pictures have served as a learning opportunity for students.

“Our kids aren’t able to travel, especially now with COVID out there. And we don’t have the ability to economically travel to areas of the world that out there in these paintings. To see what’s out there, and to see the diversity that’s not just here in Albany,” said Principal Susie Hatcher.

The school’s assistant principal says that the photos from the Besharat Arts Foundation have taught the staff something too.

“We noticed last week that we have this beautiful photograph of two little boys laying in a hammock by the ocean. And that’s my favorite place. And they have huge smiles on their faces. And they are two boys of different races. But when you look down at the bottom, you see their shadow. And their shadow is the same. And It just really struck home that we need to focus on how we are the same, how we are all similar, and how we are all precious in the eyes of God,” said assistant principal, Linda Johnson.

The multi-phase art project is designed to last ten years.

This exhibit will be displayed first, then a nature exhibit will go up, and finally, an art history exhibit.

The photos from Steve McCurry are also on display at Deerfield-Windsor School.

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